Flexible Reusable Ice Pack Ice Gel Cold Pack for Frozen Food,Medicine Transport,Sports Injury 250g

  • Application:Long-distance refrigerated transport for biochemical reagent,solder paste, veterinary drug, plasma, vaccine, aquatic products, ornamental fish, dairy products, meat products, agricultural products, flowers, vegetables,fruits,etc.
  • For the fever cooling,reducing the pain and inflammation, cold compresses beauty therapy, sprains, fall hurt, stop the bleeding and other auxiliary therapy.
  • How to use:Put the ice pack in refrigerator and freeze it 6-12 hours.
  • Remove the ice pack from the freezer compartment and put together with items which need to keep cooling in the same sealed container.
  • Features:Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, easy to carry.
  • Ice pack can be reused.
  • Under the same conditions, the more the number of ice packs placed, the longer holding time.
  • With insulation cooler box or cooler bag to use, can achieve longer cold storage effect.
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